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FJ Summit, Ouray CO, Wednesday morning…

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

First off, Ouray is an absolutely beautiful area…simply amazing views, and a very laid back lifestyle. Wheeled from Ouray to Telluride via Imogene Pass on Tuesday. The melting snowpack made the scenery even better, and the group of FJ Cruisers, a Tacoma, and my FZJ80 made easy work of the trail. The runoff creates some great stream crossings, and great photos (pending…ha)

Of course, my day was not without some excitement…for the back story, I had left my FZJ80 at Proffitts Cruisers in Delta after my mid-June trip thru Moab UT. There was little reason to trailer it home and trailer it back, considering the fuel mileage on the DMax is 22ish unloaded, and the FZJ80 is 14 on a good day. We had completed Imogene, fueled up in Telluride, and were just off one of the side gravel roads and back on to pavement when I noticed my steering wheel was further left than usual. My first thought was I had re-bent the drag link, but considering it was straight in Telluride, that seemed unlikely. After a few miles, it got sloppier, and I finally stopped to inspect…discovering that the passenger side steering arm was now hanging by TWO loose studs, rather than four tight ones!

A little time with the 17mm, and a slow drive back to Ouray and it was time to repair. A call into Proffitts http://www.proffittscruisers.con netted the required parts, a discussion with Mark and LT from MetalTech netted a delivery, and I was in business. Everything got re-buttoned up this morning, and all is well.

Today is Vendor set up day at the FJ Summit – good day to catch up with folks, and relax a bit before the next 3 days of trail rides. Guess I outta get my registration handled too…details…

FJ Summit, Ouray CO – Tuesday

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Rolled into Ouray CO last evening, checked into the Best Western…this is the host hotel for the 5th Annual FJ Summit and the place is already hoppin. I promptly ran into Seth Kovanic, one of the event coordinators, as well as Digger from, Jacque Arnondin from and a pile of other TX folks who made it up.

Rain yesterday turned into an absolutely stunning morning…it’s been a few years since I have been thru this area, and I’ve forgotten just how beautiful the Ouray area really is. Definitely on my short list of places I need to visit more frequently…or perhaps even make a summer home :)

More coming as the week rolls on, the event participants roll in, and the trails rides and evening festivities continue!

It’s hump day…

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

…and I’ve got a few free moments…we (Heather, Lexi, Otis and I) leave Friday evening for the Black Hills of South Dakota for a combined vacation/offroad weekend. The Black Hills Cruiser Classic starts Thursday and I’m looking forward to hitting a few of the trails out there…haven’t wheeled that area since 2003! This is our first big family vacation…of course, that makes for some entertaining planning. I can’t hardly expect everyone to spend their time wheeling with me, so we’ve got lots of hiking and biking and sightseeing planned for the week.

Just got off the horn with Holz Racing…I’ve had their skid plate/prerunner bumper combo on order for the RockCrawler RZR for a month. They’ve communicated great, but have had some manufacturing issues. Hopefully it’s shipping today and delivering Friday, JUST in time to install while in South Dakota!  I also have a +3 suspension kit from RacerTech in the living room to install…planning to get the 2-stage rear coils and heavier front coils installed initially to see how that changes the ride, then the full suspension kit down the road.   Watch the build page for updates!

Guess that’s it for now…bringing home the camper/trailer tomorrow to begin organizing and loading…packing for 10 days with 3 people and one dog should be entertaining…

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Finally, an update…

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Just another veg mode weekend…finally took a little time to update WordPress to 3.0 and update the Theme to the most current as well…and with that, it’s time to post yet again…

2010 has been busy busy…I’ve got about 18,000 miles on the Duramax this year thus far, and other than having to have injectors done (6 weeks OUT of warranty, of course), the truck has done well. I’ll be due for new tires soon, but the Hankook Dynapro ATM’s have survived pretty well considering my abuse to tow rigs. The gooseneck tires have held up amazingly…had those replace in Vegas during SEMA 2009 at Ted Wein’sGoodyear G614′s…G-range trailer tires…REGROOVABLE even!! I’ve checked air pressure prior to each trip, and they’ve barely changed…if I didn’t know better, I’d think they weren’t wearing either… Impressed.

The new toy for 2010 is a 2009 Polaris RZR…woah, is that a blast!! 64.3 mph (GPS confirmed), jumpable, rock crawls great, and has turned into my latest play toy. The Howiebilt Liquid tube chassis has been put on the back burner, at least for a few more months…the RZR is just too fun.

Anyways, hanging in Waupaca this weekend at the Rustic Woods Campground…camper got cleaned today, got a little sun, and haven’t accomplished much else…but of course, that’s the usual plan for being here :)

Hope everyone enjoys a great Independence Day!!

Today, 2009/10/23

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Yep, tis been a crazy week. The excitement has revolved around my purchase of and all it’s associated content. This online magazine has been around since 1997 and I have LOTS of plans for it in 2010…right now, it’s just a matter of getting a handle on what’s all there so I can better determine my direction.

Added to that is prep for SEMA 2009 and the wheeling events I’m doing in the week/two afterward, including Surf-n-Turf on Pismo Beach, a few days in Moab and finishing up in Clayton OK. I’ve been fortunate this year…Optima Batteries is ‘covering’ some of my expenses and I’m part of a round-table group of motorsports enthusiasts that they are looking to for feedback and information. Should make a busy week even busier!

Top that all off with a new truck camper, currently mounted on my gooseneck trailer…need to finish the storage boxes and get it set and ready to travel, PLUS get the FJ40 reassembled…

ah, the fun!

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