Yep, tis been a crazy week. The excitement has revolved around my purchase of and all it’s associated content. This online magazine has been around since 1997 and I have LOTS of plans for it in 2010…right now, it’s just a matter of getting a handle on what’s all there so I can better determine my direction.

Added to that is prep for SEMA 2009 and the wheeling events I’m doing in the week/two afterward, including Surf-n-Turf on Pismo Beach, a few days in Moab and finishing up in Clayton OK. I’ve been fortunate this year…Optima Batteries is ‘covering’ some of my expenses and I’m part of a round-table group of motorsports enthusiasts that they are looking to for feedback and information. Should make a busy week even busier!

Top that all off with a new truck camper, currently mounted on my gooseneck trailer…need to finish the storage boxes and get it set and ready to travel, PLUS get the FJ40 reassembled…

ah, the fun!